Who is SAHBA and do I have to be a member of SAHBA to apply for the STAR Process?

Who is SAHBA?
SAHBA is the trading name for the Hair and Beauty Industry Association of South Australia Incorporated. SAHBA or SA Hair & Beauty Assoc has been the peak representative body for the hair and beauty industry in South Australia since 1934.

South Australia has the South Australia Hairdressers Act 1988 (Act). The Act stipulates hairdressers must be qualified and or recognised as per the Act in order to carry out hairdressing for fee or reward in South Australia.

SAHBA estimates there are between 5,000 – 7,000 workers practising hairdressing in SA. However, it is difficult to know how many are qualified and compliant with the Act. Complaints from industry regarding unqualified and or unskilled hairdressers, together with SAHBA’s mission to strengthen the industry, has mobilised SAHBA to act. In 2018, SAHBA under the guidance of Consumer and Business Services and the Office Training and Skills Commission, commenced a two-part project – the SA Qualified Hairdressers Register (Register) and the Skill Training Assessment and Recognition hairdressing trade recognition process – henceforth called STAR Process or STAR program.

Do I have to be a member of SAHBA to apply to the STAR Process?
No, you don’t have to make a separate application for membership to SAHBA as every successful application to the STAR Process will include one year’s membership to SAHBA