What are some differences between an apprenticeship and full-time study in an Institutional course?

An apprenticeship:
An apprenticeship is a contract of training between the apprentice, the employer and the Registered Training Organisation (RTO). A hairdressing or barbering apprenticeship normally takes three and a half years during which time the apprentice works in the salon and also goes to an RTO for “off the job” training. At the completion of a successful apprenticeship the apprentice receives a Cert III qualification in Hairdressing or Barbering and they also receive their Certificate of Competency or “Trade Papers” from Traineeship & Apprenticeship Services (TAS) and the Office of Training & Skills Commission of South Australia (T&SC). 

Note: A hairdresser or barber that has successfully completed their apprenticeship receives their Cert III plus their Certificate of Competency (trade papers), which together certify they are legally qualified, skilled and recognised by their industry and the South Australia Hairdressers Act 1988 (Act) to carry out their trade in SA. Therefore, hairdressers and barbers that have completed their apprenticeship are not required to go through the STAR Panel for any further industry recognition.

An Institutional Course:
An Institutional course in SA is where a student undertakes fulltime study in a Nationally Accredited Course (also known as an Institutional Course) in Cert III Hairdressing or Barbering. Having completed the course and gained a Cert III,  the graduate is then expected to work for at least 12 months in industry before they can apply to be recognised as being qualified, skilled and experience. This recognition is by  industry and endorsed in SA by Traineeship & Apprenticeship Services (TAS) and the Office of Training & Skills Commission of South Australia (T&SC).

Therefore, once an Institutional student graduates with a Cert III, they must go on and complete another 12 months working in industry, before they can apply to the STAR Panel for their Certificate of Recognition. Once a graduate has both their Cert III qualification and their Certificate of Recognition, they can be validated as a qualified, skilled and experienced hairdresser or barber.