The Application Process

The Hair and Beauty Industry Association of South Australia Incorporated (SAHBA) administers the SA Qualified Hairdressers Register. The application process is as follows:

  1. Individual submits online application (pays application fee if applicable & uploads qualification evidence)
  2. SAHBA reviews application
  3. SAHBA advises the individual of the outcome of their application
  4. Individual pays Register listing fee balance (if approved by SAHBA) (free for SAHBA members)
  5. Once full fee is paid:
  6. Individual is emailed invoice and Annual Register Certificate 
  7. Register Profile card is displayed on the Register website

Processing Time

The length of time to process an application will vary depending on the needs of each applicant’s circumstance. Please allow for two weeks as an approximate time frame.

Notifications – keeping you updated!

During this process you will receive email notifications to advise you about the status of your application. Please ensure our emails ( do not go in your junk folder.


It costs $50 to be listed on the Register for the first time. When you lodge your application, you will be asked to pay a (non-refundable) deposit of $20. If your application is approved this $20 application fee will be deducted from the $50 Register fee.

Current financial members of SAHBA have the cost of the Register included in their membership and so will not be asked to make a payment (unless they opt to purchase a printed certificate).

To find out more about the fees associated with the Register please visit the Fees page.


Before an application can be submitted you will be asked to confirm that the information that you have provided is true and that you agree to the Registers Terms and Conditions. Please note that making a false declaration may attract a criminal penalty.

Printed Register Certificates (optional)

Once you pay for your Register listing you will be emailed an electronic copy of your Register certificate. If you would like to purchase a printed copy of your certificate you can do this for $10 whilst completing the application form. 

Payments & Auto Renewal Option

During the application fee payment process you will be provided the option to select ‘save payment details / auto renewal’. Each time a payment is made you will be emailed a receipt. Your payment history will also be accessible in your online account.

Preparing to Complete Your Application

What You Will Need

Before you start your online application make sure that you have the following on hand:


  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO): RTO business name, RTO address and year the qualification was issued.
  • Employer details (if employed): their business name, their address and their contact number
  • SAHBA Membership Number (if a current financial member)
  • A profile photo (optional)

Qualification Evidence:

  • Qualified Through an Apprenticeship (please provide one of the following)
    • Trade Certificate
    • Hairdressers License
    • Registration

File types: PDF, JPEG, PNG.   

If you are unable to provide scanned copies of the above documents please contact SAHBA to discuss your circumstance. 

Ph: (08) 8271 1355   


Creating an Account

Before you commence your application, you will be asked to create a personal account. This account will allow you to save your application and return to complete it at another time.

Your Information

Use of the Information Collected 

The information collected in this online form will be used by SAHBA to process your application, validate your qualification and create a qualified professional profile card. For more details on how this information is used, please view the terms and conditions. Please note that the more information you provide the faster your application will be processed.

Options to Display Your Information

As a default, the qualified professional profile card will display the following information:
– Your Name
– Your Register Listing Number
– Your Employer/Salon
– Your Specialisation/s
– Your Website
– Your Phone Number
– Your Address (Salon/Workplace)
– Your Instagram handle (optional)
– Your Profile Photo (optional)

During the application you are provided an option to hide your employer details or make your profile card anonymous (hide all details except for my Register #). Please note that selecting one of these option will reduce your searchability on the Register.

Once approved to be on the Register you will be able to modify these settings from your account.