What is the Register? 

The SA Qualified Hairdressers Register (Register) is a searchable list of hairdressers and barbers who have opted to have their qualifications promoted and publicly verified, to align with South Australian legislation (South Australia Hairdressers Act 1988).

The creation of the SA Qualified Hairdressers and Barbers Register is beneficial for many cohorts including consumers, hairdressers, barbers, salons and the industry as a whole. Consumers can easily locate hairdressing and barbering services provided by qualified professionals, hairdressers and barbers can promote their qualifications and adherence to regulations, salons have the opportunity to reach new customers, plus so much more! Read about all the benefits here.

The Register has been created by the Hair and Beauty Industry Association of South Australia Incorporated (now known as SAHBA), and made possible by a funding grant from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet. Throughout the Register development input has been sought from Consumer and Business Services (CBS) and the South Australian Hairdressing Industry.

Why has it been created?

The hairdressing industry in South Australia has the South Australia Hairdressers Act 1988 (Act). The Act stipulates that a hairdresser (ladies, men’s or  barber) must be qualified to carry out hairdressing for fee or reward, and penalties can be applied to both the employee and the employer for beaching the Act.  

In 2018 SAHBA commenced an exciting two part project which included the development of the SA Qualified Hairdressers Register and the STAR Panel, a Skill Training Assessment and Recognition (STAR) pathway to assist unqualified workers to become qualified or recognised as per the Act and the industry’s expectations.

This project has been driven by a desire to strengthen the industry and combat the issue created by unqualified workers. It also forms an important step in SAHBA’s long term goal of reinstating registration for the industry.

For more information regarding these laws in relation to an unqualified professional please call SAHBA on (08) 8271 1355.

To find out more about the benefits provided by the Register please click here. 

How does it work?

The Register is administered by the Hair and Beauty Industry Association of South Australia Incorporated (SAHBA) in the following way:

  1. Individual submits online application (pays application fee)
  2. SAHBA reviews application (including qualification evidence)
  3. SAHBA advises applicant of outcome
  4. Applicant pays Register fee (if application is approved.)
  5. Applicant’s profile card is displayed.
  6. Applicant updates Register listings Annually.

For more information, please visit the application process page.